Scunthorpe gay helpline

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The Scunthorpe LGBT helpline is operated by volunteers who are trained to listen sympathetically to each caller and to respond with help and information,but above all to give them reassurance and support that they are not alone.

It deals with callers who think they may be lesbian, gay, bisexual or who are transgender and who are looking for friends and support.

It also takes calls from parents and friends of gay people who want help in coming to terms with their situation.

Sometimes the request can be outside the knowledge of the volunteer,in which case the caller may be referred to other contacts who have more specialist advice.

Since opening in November 1991,the helpline has answered over 500 calls.

If you need to contact the helpline the number to ring.

mondays and wednesday

from 7pm to 9pm

all other times there is an answerphone

scunthorpe (01724)271661




     promoting safe sex

For the last 19 years the scunthorpe gay men and women's group has met on a monday evening.

The membership is drawn mainly from south humberside and north lincolnshire but some members travel from further afield.

The group is open to all gay / bisexuals / transgender / transexuals / bi-curious / and family and supporters .

Contact is made through the scunthorpe helpline where a meeting place is chosen and you would be met by two members.

Because not all gay people are confident at first that they are ready to attend a group meeting, help and support is given untill they eventually feel able to make more gay friends.

The group provides a place where gay men and women can meet together for friendship and support in a safe and relaxed environment.

Unless you are gay yourself you cannot imagine just how alone and isolated a person can feel when they first realise they are some how different from the other people at work , college or even when still at school.

At the very time when they most need to talk to a family member or friends about there worries,they become affraid in case those people reject them rather than give them support .

      Registered Charity Number 1020620